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Cocodrie, LA

This is an arial picture of Cocodrie which is located about
30 miles south of Houma and about maybe 15 miles south of
Chauvin along LA Hwy 56.

Many of the dwelling located in this area are just camps for
many of the citizens of the parish or other areas of the
state or USA, but there are a few people who live there all
year long, this is where they were brought up at, this is their

Though many of the building and residences are on stilts from 7 ft to 15 ft
high, some did receive flood damage as well as wind damage from Katrina.

You can see LA Hwy 56 is under water in this picture.
The highway is what looks like a bayou on the rightside of the picture,
Bayou Terrebonne is on the left side the picture.

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