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Cajun Country Jukebox

Cajun Music is of a kind found no where else.
It has a quality all it's own and a language all
it's own.

The artist here are the greatest Cajun Music Singers
in Cajun Country, they are from all walks of life
but their main love is, you guessed it, Cajun Music
You maybe will not understand the words, I don't
Either, but you'll love the music and accent of
the Cajuns.
I hope you will enjoy the Music.

For more info and Cajun Music, click on the Artist Link
in the Music Window that opens.
All songs are the property of the various artist and not mine,
All MHIL Site is doing is to help Promote and show the love
of Cajun Music and the Cajun Lifestyle.
Names of artist are above the title of the song.

There are only three songs on this page due to MP3 and WAV Files
take up a lot of space. More will be added later.

Roy Abshire

Creole Stomp

The Cajun Watlz

Jesse Broussard

Our Cajun Music