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Big J's Assessment of Katrina's Aftermath

This article does not apply to those who were UNABLE to Leave, just
the ones who were ABLE to leave and didn't.
For the people UNABLE to leave, I fault the State and City of N.O. for that

After Hurricane Katrina hit, I never saw a bunch of people that decided on
their own free will decide to ride out the storm in New Orleans, then have
the gall to blame Pres. Bush and FEMA for their stupidity because they got
burned. While most people there stayed out of pride of their home which you
can not fault them for that, and a small percentage stayed behind for criminal
activities and they got caught in their own greed, or stupidity.

Sure I rode out the storm, but I don't live in a bowl that is 6 - 9 feet below
sea level either. If I did, no matter how much pride I had in my home, I'd get
the hell out of harms way.

Sure, Mayor Naqin could have had those school buses and the RTA buses to evacuate
those that didn't or couldn't get out, and Gov. Blanco should not have worried
about her political career and the fact that she did not want to make it look
like Louisiana could not handle the situation and should have taken President
Bush's offer of declaring New Orleans a Disaster Area two days before Katrina
hit, but Blanco wanted to save face instead of her people, and refused Bush's
offer. This would have enabled President Bush to send the Military in closer
so that they could help after the storm. Come On!! Gov. Who can handle a
Catagory 5 Hurricane!!!
What the people of New Orleans failed to realize is that FEMA is a REACTION
team, not proaction, they come in after the storm or disaster passes and set
up shop. Sure they could have done somethings better, and the NG could have
done somethings different if not better, but no one was prepared for what
happened. Governor Blanco and Mayor Naqin under-estimated Hurricane
Katrina. They did not think it would be as bad as it was. Actually,
as far as the Hurricane went, New Orleans fared well, but 3 or 4 levees
broke the day after Katrina made landfall. Now what I don't understand
is why build levees for Catagory 3 hurricanes when you know there is a
damn good chance a Catagory 4 or 5 can strike New Orleans.

President Bush got the blame solely because a lot of liberal weenies don't
like him because he did not walk away like Clinton did when we were attacked.
He grabbed the bull by the horn and dealt with it, not analyze it like some
people I know do and end up in a bad situation because they feel sorry for
the underdog.

My total assessment is that I don't fault the people who were unable to
leave, just the one's who were able to, they said they could not leave,
but they sure the hell got to the Superdome pretty fast.

You know, Grand Isle, LA, Terrebonne Parish, West Louisiana and Texas and Mississippi
did not cry like a bunch of babies pointing fingers, they got together and
started cleaning up and rebuilding, they will worry about who screwed up after
all is said and done. New Orleans spent too much time pointing fingers
at those they thought were at fault and nothing was getting done.

When I was growing up, after the storm, the men would make sure their families
were OK and their property and also would help the community in any way they
could, they did not expect anyone to do anything for them and when they did, be
it the State or Federal Gov. whatever was done was appreciated.

They did not point fingers, nor did they blame anyone for anything that went
wrong, Hurricanes are uncontrollable and unpredictable and there is no way
to assess or just snap fingers and make it right all of a sudden.

There was no going to Phsycologist or Counsellers for emotional problems as a
result of the Storm or its anniversary, we all know that Hurricanes is a
part of life on the Gulf Coast and an evil we all have to live with, so we
just deal with it and go on with life.

Sure, FEMA and the State and Fed. Government could have done things different, but
that is how people learn is from the way they handled the first one. One can't
fault them for trying and learning.

I believe many people would be alive today if they had only heeded Mayor Nagin's and Gov. Blanco's Evacuation order.

I know I sound like a cold hearted man, but I am not, it's just fact, You got a
Catagory 5 Hurricane coming at you and you live in a bowl 6-9 feet below sea
level, common sense will tell you to get the hell out, and if you don't,
you have no one to blame but yourself.

Now this is just my opinion and you have the right to disagree, but I am
sorry, I am not a bleeding heart who feels sorry for people who do not
take care of theirselves when they are able. If I screw up, I am man
enough to admit it and do what it takes to correct the problem, I don't
blame others for my screw-ups. However I do feel for those who were unable
to leave, they should have been taken care of and brought out of there.
I do feel for the people who lost loved ones and lost their homes, but
I still feel that those who were able, should have left.

So to put it in short, President Bush, FEMA the Military and LANG are not
the ones to Blame, Mayor Nagin and Gov. Blanco are the ones who DROPPED THE
Now this may or may not reflect the general feeling of the people of this
great state, just mine.

I am sorry if this offends any one, but I am not polictically correct
and I don't worry about offending anyone in the wrong. I don't call
things by another name just because it is too harsh or might be offensive
A rose is a rose, even if called by another name Which means, a problem is a problem, not an issue

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